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Professional Proactive Garage Door Tips

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Our company has been offering garage door repair services for many years! We’ve built a handy tips page to help you with some great advice! Scroll down here to see the information!

Childproof your garage door by testing the opener’s auto-reverse feature

Children can be easily hurt by automatic doors. There’s an auto-reverse feature on all post-1993 garage door openers that would be triggered if something is under the sensor. Test the sensor occasionally to make sure the feature works. Needless to say, we should all know by now to keep all remotes out of the reach of children.

The range of your remote control can decrease over time

Garage door openers are designed to respond to the remote from within a few car lengths. This range can only decrease as the battery weakens. If you love to show off your driving by opening the garage door in time to smoothly glide your car into the garage without stopping, then you might want to change the battery often to preserve the longest remote control range.

Adjust the manual travel limits if the door is not closing or opening fully

You need to use the adjustment screws at the back of the opener. There is a down screw and an up screw. Our specialists recommend that you check by how much the travel distance will be increased or reduced with each turn.

Seal, paint and weather strip your wood garage door

Use an appropriate wood sealant to protect the wood from water damage. The paint will provide an even higher level of protection. Weather stripping is essential as it will prevent the door from rotting from the bottom. The procedures should be repeated annually or every two years.


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