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There are two types of springs that are used in a typical garage setup. The first and most popular one is the torsion or the trampoline coil spring, and the next is the extension spring. To differentiate between the two, the former uses torque and the latter uses tension to lift the door up. Your garage uses one of these types and no matter what type it is, and when it fails or when there is some issue to troubleshoot, you should remember to leave it to us - the professionals. It's much, much safer just calling in for expert help instead of risking your life and limbs fidgeting with your broken garage door springs.

Adjustment of Torsion Garage Door Springs

Overhead door springs are incredibly strong. They are so strong in fact, that it usually just takes one to lift a heavy door. These coils are primed by tightening them a quarter turn at a time. Don't attempt to do this perilous task on your own. There have been many who were maimed and even killed just because they didn't know what they were doing. Avoid being a victim and call our company for professional assistance. We have well-trained technicians with many years of experience to adjust your spring for you. So just sit back and relax.

Torsion Springs Replacement

When torsion garage door springs break, it is catastrophic. When this happens, you need to call us and let us know what happened. We have a lot of broken spring replacements available in our inventory. You don't have to worry about stock availability and compatibility, we carry all brands and models.

Extension Spring Replacement

Extension springs repair is done when the springs become a little too dangerous because their safety features have been disabled, have become worn out or weren't even present to begin with. The safety features for extension springs include hook brackets, locks and cables. Call us and we'll provide you with a replacement for your needs.

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