Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Count on us if you need your garage door opener installed safely and professionally. Click here to find out more about our range of repair services. 

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

We are a residential garage door repair company which has been providing integrated services to a large number of customers in the city. From opener sensors to nut-bolts, our services cover all components.

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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

We replace bent or damaged garage door panels to get your door looking great again! We have your best interest in mind. Read all about our repair and replacement services here.

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Garage Door Repair Naperville

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Welcome to our Company Garage Door Repair Naperville

Our garage door repair services are fast, reliable, efficient and affordable. Our specialists in Illinois can fix any issue irrespective of its nature and of the type of door and opener that you have. Count on us to fix any problem!Our services coupon

Some of the brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!
Address: W Ogden Ave
Naperville, Illinois
Zip code: 60540
Phone: 630-239-2144

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Excellent garage door service provider.

Garage Door Repair Naperville

At Garage Door Repair Naperville, IL, we take pride in being the best garage door company operating in Illinois. Our many years in service have made us one of the most trusted companies in the industry. We offer a wide array of services that include but are not limited to providing repairs, installing new doors, fixing or replacing door panels, door openers and springs.

We provide full services for your torsion or extension springs. These include replacement of broken springs or adjustments of loose ones. If your openers are malfunctioning, let us take a look. Whichever brand or type of opener you have installed at home, we're sure we can provide you with the right services to have it fully operational again. If you have a broken door panel, or if your entire door is worn out, rusted or rotten, we not only replace individual panels but entire doors and their parts. These parts include the aforementioned extension and torsion springs as well as the tracks, cables, rollers, sensors and more.

To promote general safety and optimization of your entire garage system, we also offer maintenance services that include safety checks and minor repairs. If needed, we also provide replacement parts to ensure that your door and opener function as they should.

If you're moving into a new home or if you're currently doing some home improvements, then you can call us at Garage Door Repair Naperville and we'll take care of installing brand new doors and openers.

The Tension with Torsion and Extension Springs

Because the doors can be as heavy as 400 lbs, there needs to be a mechanism in place to bear the weight both for safety and convenience. The torsion or extension springs are perfect for this task. These coils have enough torsion or tension stored in them to lift the door easily. This same stored energy however can also be quite dangerous, especially when they get released violently. This is why if you want to replace snapped springs or if you want to adjust loose ones, then call us up. We provide replacement for broken springs as well as make older extension springs safer by reinforcing them with cables.

Opener Repairs by Experts

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There are many opener brands available in the market today and most of them rely on similar principles and technologies. So, no matter the brand or type you have at home, we're confident that we have the professional service solutions to any issue you might be facing. We repair non-functioning openers whether the problems stem from electronic or mechanical causes. We also replace opener parts that have been worn out or broken. If you have a new garage door, then we can also install the right opener that would be able to handle the weight of the door you've just installed.

Replacing or Repairing Damaged Doors

The overall integrity of the door ultimately depends on the type of material that it's made of and also on the stresses that it is exposed to. If you have a wooden door, some of your concerns include rot and weather or water damage. A metal door on the other hand will generally get rusty as the years go by. A more sudden cause of damage may be a direct impact from a poorly controlled vehicle. When you have damaged door panels, it's best to call us. We provide professional replacement for these panels or if the damage is widespread and you prefer a new door, we can also replace it in its entirety along with all of its parts.

Replacing Frayed or Snapped Cables

Torsion springs wouldn't be of any help without cables to effectively use the torque that they provide. When these cables are frayed or when they have snapped, the door won't be effectively raised or lowered in place safely. If you see this defect developing in your garage, then contact us and we'll take care of it. We'll replace your cables to fix your door. We can also reinforce your extension springs with safety cables to prevent them flying off in case they break.

Professional Services from Garage Door Repair Naperville

If you're having problems with your garage door and opener, then call us today at Garage Door Repair Naperville and we'll have them fully functioning in no time. You can rely on us to provide professional installation, repair and maintenance services to target your specific needs.

Opening a Garage Door Manually

Knowing how to open you garage door manually is likely to come in handy sometimes, and so is the knowledge of how to get it back to operating automatically after it malfunctions.

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Why do garage door springs break?

It is not uncommon to see garage door springs break over time even though regular maintenance should increase their longevity. Here are some common reasons why garage door springs snap -

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Defining garage doors

A garage door is very ideal and useful equipment that is utilized to seal your garage door entrance and provide privacy to you and your family. It’s also a security feature that not only restricts access into your garage, but also protects your car and vehicles from car bandits.

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